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Thursday, September 06, 2012

New favorite at Starbucks- "It's Just Cheese" sandwich

In my search for stable Internet, I decided to try Wi-tribe postpaid. I've tried their prepaid dongles, and they worked pretty well. So I went to their office along Commonwealth. I signed up for their service, thinking it was a "terminate anytime" arrangement. This was because I went to a Wi-tribe office a few months ago and the sales person advised me to get a postpaid account because it was a no-commitment, terminate-anytime arrangement.

Unfortunately, I was desperate for working Internet so I grudgingly accepted their one year contract which their salesperson said was their new policy for new subscribers, thinking that the speed of the Internet would be worth it. Sad to say, the connection is slower than I experienced with their prepaid service. BUT this blog entry is not supposed to be a rant, so...

 After I was done at the Wi-tribe office, I went to the Starbucks right beside it. I was happy to see they had the "It's Just Cheese" sandwich, which, as the name implies was simply a cheese sandwich. This was in contrast to what they call their "Ultimate Grilled Cheese" sandwich which had pepperoni. (Why would a grilled cheese sandwich have pepperoni, for heaven's sake? Actually, I already complained about this in a past post but can't resist complaining again since I'm already in that mood.)

Anyway, I was very happy with this newer sandwich, so cheesy and buttery and sinful. It didn't lack in cheese at all, as some similar sandwiches do. I'm glad that Starbucks has more pescetarian-friendly sandwiches now. There are several others I want to try, but I suspect I will be tempted to order the cheese sandwich whenever it's available.

It's Just Cheese
For dessert, I had their mocha silvana with cappuccino. The two went well, but the silvana was far from being as satisfying as their fudgy butterscotch bar, which is so hard to find nowadays.

Mocha Silvana
At any rate, the meal put me in a better mood after my encounter with Wi-tribe. It appears I have no choice but to stick with them for a whole year. I hope the service doesn't continue to deteriorate as it seems to have done over the past few months. If that turns out to be the case I would have to eat even more sandwiches and pastries to cope with Internet stress.

Diliman Commercial Comples
Quezon City

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Eileen said...

Am so glad to hear about this new sandwich! I love Grilled Cheese but I've been avoiding theirs because of the pepperoni you mentioned ;)