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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sun, Sand, and Surf- Lunch at The Big Kahuna, San Juan, La Union

I was excited to try surfing in San Juan, La Union, but I was just as excited to see what kind of restaurants they had there. I’d been told that The Big Kahuna was a good place to try, so I had my first meal there (lunch). I was also warned that the restaurant had Manila prices, and I found that assessment to be spot on.

The place sits right by the beach, so you can watch surfers catching waves in the noonday sun. Perhaps this view is what justifies the relatively steep prices. The place itself was very cozy; definitely a good place to hang out to have a few beers and relax. The menu was similar to a lot of resto-grills in Manila. We ordered tuna belly and grilled squid with garlic rice. The squid was delicious, but the tuna was a bit overcooked and didn’t taste very fresh.

Grilled tuna belly

Grilled squid

To round out the meal, I ordered brownie a la mode, which in my opinion was grossly overpriced, even compared to the main courses. Thank goodness the brownie was warm and chewy. I wouldn’t say the price was worth it, but given limited choices as to desserts, at least the brownie itself was good.

Brownie ala mode
We ended up hanging out at the restaurant for a few hours. Staring at the beach, watching the surfers, and listening to the waves crashing made the time fly by very quickly. We stayed there so long I found that I had no time left for surfing lessons. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try not to be so mesmerized by the scenery.

The Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant
San Juan, La Union

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