Saturday, October 06, 2012

Pre-movie dinner at Italianni's

I had some time to kill before I watched Taken 2, so I decided to have dinner at Italianni's. I wanted to eat some greens so I ordered their arugula and walnuts salad. Like many other restaurants, they skimped on the arugula. I usually order this salad particularly to have this type of leaf, so I was disappointed that there were probably just two pieces of it that I saw in this dish.

Arugula and walnuts salad
After this I had the shrimp and asparagus alfredo. It comes with bacon but I asked them to remove it from the pasta. It tasted good but I expected a bigger serving. (To be fair the lunch portion of the salad was bigger than I expected.)

Shrimp and asparagus alfredo

I enjoyed my dinner but noted that according to the softdrink index, Italianni's has increased their prices. A can of coke cost P90, which is one of the highest prices I've seen for this type of restaurant. This was not even the bottomless version, just a can (which costs P25 at 7-11 or Mini-stop).

This restaurant is relatively pricey, as similar franchises are (I suspect they try to match the prices in the US), but I do think P90 for a can of soda in a casual dining restaurant is a bit too much. I probably won't go back anytime soon. I would rather go to Amici. (And yes, the price of soda is a major consideration.)