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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Late night snack after World War Z

I’d been waiting to watch World War Z since I first heard that Brad Pitt was going to produce it. It seems he read the book and liked it, so he decided to get the rights to transform it into a movie. I really liked the book, and I really like zombies in general (yes, I am ready for the apocalypse of the undead), so I was anticipating the book’s transition into the big screen.

The movie was nothing like the book, and I was a bit disappointed in that regard. But Brad Pitt is still very hot, and I liked the effects, particularly the tsunami of zombies, so I did enjoy the movie.

I’d had dinner before the late night show that I caught, but I still wanted to munch on something after the movie. I dropped by nearby Italianni’s and had a couple of appetizers- truffle fries and calamari.

Truffle Fries
One thing I like about chain restaurants like Italianni's, you get almost exactly what you expect. The food is pretty consistent. The way it tastes one day is most likely the way it will taste the next. So, since I was in the mood for oily sinful finger food, that's exactly what I got. Who cares about the calories? The zombie apocalypse is coming soon anyway.

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