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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mocha Mudpie at T.G.I.Friday's

Mocha Mudpie

One other dessert that is guaranteed to give me pleasure is Friday’s Mocha Mudpie. It’s rather pricey as desserts go (then again, almost everything in that restaurant is), but I am willing to shell out the cost of this dessert for the happiness that it consistently gives me. (With a minimal tip, one order would end up costing P300.)

When I was in the US, I would try to order this whenever I found myself at T.G.I.Friday’s. But either it had been discontinued (at least where I tried to ask for it), or it was never part of their menu. So, when I got back to Manila, this dessert was one of the first things I had.

I’ve been having this dessert for years, and I have to say that as satisfying as it’s been, the way it’s been presented is sometimes inconsistent. The dessert consists of a chocolate cookie crust, ice cream, almond slivers, and a thick chocolate fudge topping. The composition of the dessert has been pretty much the same, by which I mean those ingredients are always present. However, the amount of fudge is what has changed from time to time.

The last time I had it, the top was just crisscrossed with the fudge. I am used to having the entire top of the Mudpie covered with it, sometimes even dripping down the sides and covering the bottom of the plate. Whenever I find that the fudge is much less than I’d think to be ideal, I find a way to fix it. That is, I ask for extra “mud”. The servers always graciously give me some more, which is why I always end up satisfied anyway.

The dessert is a little too big for one person to consume after a complete meal (it IS an American franchise after all), so I usually share it with whomever I’m eating with at the time. Sometimes though, if I’m in the mood to have a little more of it, I just forego the meal and have one whole Mudpie to myself. Not the most nutritional lunch or dinner one could have, but the perfect choice for some comfort eating, or that much-needed sugar rush.

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AndiP said...

Throughout the 1990s and about half the 2000s, the Mocha Mud Pie was served at all the Friday's across the US. Then around 2004 it was discontinued. It was brought back for several months with no explanation in about 2005 then disappeared forever. I travel a lot, and stop at Friday's in LA, Phoenix, NYC, and Nashville and the story was always the same, that it wasn't popular anymore (which I found hard to believe)so it was permanently removed from all Friday's menus. The reason some servers, or even managers, may have told you it was never part of their menu is probably because they are too new of an employee to remember it. I was browsing the internet today for a recipe for the Mocha Mud Pie and was so excited to see many mentions of it being served at various Friday's. I thought, "Yayy, Friday's has gotten smart...the Mocha Mud Pie has returned!" Then I was disappointed to find that each link I clicked on was for a Friday's outside of the US. I just don't get it, why Friday's feels those of us in America didn't like it when I know from talking about it to others, even random strangers, it always evokes something to the effect of "Ahhh yes wasn't that Mocha Mud Pie the best dessert Friday's ever served? I can't understand why it's gone!"

Alex A. said...

Hi AndiP! I totally don't understand why they would remove it from their menu. The Mocha Mud Pie remains one of my top desserts :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

these posts sre pretty old but in case you are still interested. I used to work at TGIFriday's in NY. One of my duties included... you guessed it! Making the mocha mud pie deserts. As well as those oreo ice cream cookies among other things. If i had to guess i would say that the reason for that amazing desert being discontinued was that it is incredibly labor intensive and it sells like mad. well sold anyway.