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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frutti Froyo Frozen Yogurt

I for one haven't gotten over the frozen yogurt craze yet. But I find myself gravitating toward only a few brands these days. One of the places I continue to go to is Frutti Froyo Frozen Yogurt along Tomas Morato extension. This is mostly because of its location, but also because I like their "make your own concoction" style.

Unfortunately this method ends up with me getting bigger portions than normal, but at least I get to make it exactly as I like it. Most of the time I just have the plain yogurt with almonds, cashews, and mango. Actually I think that the texture of the yogurt there is not so fine, but I like the taste, which matters more.

I also like the lounging area outside the place. It's a nice to hang out with friends, particularly those as yogurt crazy as I am.

Frutti Froyo Frozen Yogurt
Tomas Morato extension
corner Scout Madrinan
Quezon City

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