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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting re-addicted to Cafe Breton

Chi and I recently became sentimental and returned to frequenting Cafe Breton, which, years ago, was one of our favorite places to eat. My former favorite, the Dracula crepe (loads of garlic and cheese) has been replaced in my heart (or tummy, to be more precise) by Galette Bretonne, which has shrimp, crabs, and cream among other yummy stuff.

Galette Bretonne, my new favorite

During this visit, I didn't have a dessert crepe. I was in the mood for a lot of ice cream, so I had a banana split instead. And yes, I ate it all by myself.

Banana split
The problem with eating in Cafe Breton is that one crepe is not enough for me. I usually have two- one for my main course, and another for dessert. (I'm positive the calories in the banana split more than made up for the dessert crepe I did NOT have today.) 

I'm sure this is all not very good for my diet. But no matter, I'm sure I'll continue with this re-acquired habit.

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