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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Half-off buffet at Radisson Blu Cebu

One thing on Yvette’s to-do list while in Cebu was to avail of Radisson Blu’s half off buffet at their restaurant Feria on Tuesdays. I’d been warned that Radisson’s buffet is not “all that great”, but then again what better time to try such a meal than when it is fifty percent off?

When eating at hotel buffets, I have learned to devise a strategy. This is because my inner glutton is always eager to break out, so to keep it in check, I have to have a buffet plan. It’s pretty simple: I go around and scope out all the kinds of food that the buffet has to offer, then I decide on a theme (Chinese, Italian, Japanese, all-protein, all-carbs, etc.) and stick to that.

After I went around to check out what I could and wanted to eat at the buffet, I found that I had few pescetarian choices. There were fewer seafood choices than I usually see in similar buffets. This made my plan simpler, but only because I had few options. I couldn’t even have a country-themed meal because there were not enough dishes from each country that pescetarians could eat.

I decided to fall back on old reliables and have some sushi and sashimi to start.

Then I had some farfalle with broccoli from the pasta station.

Aside from that, I just had some cheese and dried fruit. Oh, and some gelato to end the meal. I think I enjoyed that part the most. The dishes themselves were not really anything out of the ordinary, but maybe what was more disappointing was the lack of choices, particularly for a seafood eater like me. After all, Cebu is right by the sea. Oh well, at least we didn't have to pay full price.

Ground floor, Radisson Blu Hotel
Serging Osmena Boulevard cor. Juan Luna Ave.
Cebu City 6000
Tel. +63 (32) 402.9900
       +63 (32) 505.1700

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