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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet treats before leaving Bangkok: Swensen's Ice Cream and Dunkin' Donuts

I had a few hours to spend in Bangkok by myself before my flight, so I did what I do best, look for places to eat. I was in the mood to eat a lot of sugar, and since it was a very hot, sweaty, sticky afternoon, I decided to have some ice cream at Swensen's. Bangkok is the first place I tried this particular brand of ice cream some time back, so I revisited the exact same ice cream parlor where I had that experience.

Since I don't get a chance to eat at Swensen's very often, I easily justified to myself ordering three scoops. I had macadamia, chocolate peanut butter cup, and chocolate rain forest. Unfortunately it was gone all too soon. I usually eat very slowly as a rule, but this does not seem to be the case when I eat ice cream. This practice ends up making my teeth ache from the freeze. But Swensen's is worth it.

Macadamia, peanut butter, and chocolate ice cream
After a few hours, I was in the mood for yet another sugar boost. (Hey, I was on holiday.) The place that was closest to me was Dunkin' Donuts, and since I was all out of EQ, I just decided to have what has been described in many nutritional studies as absolutely the worst food in the world, doughnuts. Of course, I had two. I couldn't resist that smiley face.

Dunkin' Donuts
By the time I boarded my plane, I had already crashed from my consecutive sugar highs. I tried not to feel too bad about all the sugar I had consumed. I told myself that all that climbing I did the past three weeks gave me some leeway to indulge. Of course that's what I'd been telling myself the whole trip...

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