Disappointing experience with UberEats

I enjoy staying at home (too much at times), and once in a while, more often than I care to admit, I am too lazy to cook for myself or even to go out to eat. So, I've become rather a fan of food delivery. And in Madrid, there are many services to choose from.

Usually, I use the Deliveroo app on my phone for instant gratification for my cravings. But I saw that Uber had launched one too, called UberEats, so I downloaded it and after a few days, I decided to use it.

The app was easy enough to use, with a lot of options to choose from, so I placed an order for some pasta from an Italian restaurant. The app said that it would take around 35 minutes to deliver my order, so I eagerly awaited my lunch.

When the estimated time was almost up, I checked the app to track my food. It said that the driver was on the way, and that my order was about to arrive. Then the app said that my food had arrived. Well, not to my knowledge it hadn't.

I tried to call the driver, but the call wouldn't go through. I also sent a text message to ask where s/he was but got no reply. The app then asked me what I thought of the food and the delivery service. I then replied that I had not received it.

At this point, with an unsatisfied craving and growing hunger to deal with, what's a girl to do but use another service to have food delivered, right? So I used good ol' Deliveroo to order some Thai food as I'd lost my appetite for Italian at that point.

A week later, I got an email from UberEats saying that they would refund my money as my food didn't arrive. I appreciated the gesture, but I'm probably not going to try the service again. There are other many applications I can use, many other ways to satisfy my food cravings.

Maybe that experience was a sign that I should be cooking my own food much more often than I do anyway.