Gambas al Ajillo with bleach???

I generally like the food in Tapa Tapa in Plaza de los Cubos along Calle Princesa. I've been there several times, usually when I felt like having some tapas with friends. There's a lot of seafood and vegetable options, so even if the portions are quite small, I've been happy enough to go to the place.

One of my favorite things to eat there is their gambas al ajillo, which I've found to be very tasty, with the garlic toasted just right. I always have it whenever I'm there, and it was the same when I went there a few days ago with my friend Albert.

Gambas Al Ajillo

It was the first dish that arrived among several that we ordered, and I dug in as I usually do. I initially thought at first bite that it was a bit salty, but it was Albert who immediately noticed and pointed out that it had a chemical taste and odor, very similar to bleach.

I actually spat it out very unglamorously after I chewed on it some more, then smelled another (unchewed) shrimp. It did have a very strong bleachy smell. We called the manageer to tell him about it, and he went to the kitchen to investigate. He came back to assure us that only the ingredients of gambas al ajillo (shrimp, garlic, oil) went into the dish, but we were not convinced, as our noses and palates told us otherwise.

We just decided to order something else, and though it was satisfactory enough, the experience was somewhat marred by the thought of bleach.

I think I will continue to go to Tapa Tapa in the future, but I think I'll avoid the gambas al ajillo. Too bad, because it's one of the better versions of the dish that I've had in the city.

Tapa Tapa
Plaza de los Cubos
Calle Princesa
Madrid, Spain