Leisurely lunch at Lamucca Fuencarral

My friend Brooks had just moved to a new apartment, so I decided to check out his new place and neighborhood by having lunch with him somewhere in the area. He suggested La Mucca Fuencarral, and the biggest advantages of going to this place were, one, they were open Mondays, which can’t be said for many other restaurants especially after the onset of the pandemic, and two, they didn’t close between lunch and dinner, another thing that sets it apart from the others. 
We had a reservation, but we didn’t really seem to need it as there were few diners even at the peak of lunch hour. This is unfortunately a common occurrence because of the restrictions brought about by Covid-19. I mean, I love going to restaurants when there are only a few people around, but not if it means the business is suffering.

I checked the digital menu and it looked like they had the same items that I remembered them to have. I decided to have the red tuna tacos.
Red Tuna Tacos
They were pretty good but I thought they were a bit pricey at €11 for the size that they were. Thank goodness I wasn’t that hungry. Since there was still quite a lot of room in my tummy I gave in to splitting a dessert with Brooks. We ordered the Spicy Chocolate Cake. The interesting thing about this cake aside from the fact that it had chili in it, was that the menu recommended that you have it with a shot of mezcal. We willingly obliged. 

Spicy Chocolate Cake

You can see the shot of mezcal behind the cake, on what appeared to be half a mini-coconut shell. I liked the cake, it was moist and just the right amount of sweetness. And yes, I liked the mezcal too.
All told, lunch at La Mucca was quite enjoyable. Service was slow but we really didn’t mind as we weren’t in a rush. I actually like it (sometimes) when the servers are not too visible, unlike in the US where they are often too much in your face. I wanted a leisurely lunch, and I certainly got it in this restaurant.

Lamucca Fuencarral
Calle Fuencarral, 95
Madrid, Spain 28004