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Sweetee Thai

(This is a rather belated post about a restaurant in Southern California. I've started reminiscing about the food in that area because I've been sorely missing it.)

On the night before I left LA to head back to good old CoMO, my brother told me that I had the privilege of choosing which restaurant where we were to have dinner. It was after all around the time of my birthday, and also, I was the one who would be deprived of good dining options when I returned to mid-Missouri. After much thought, I told him that all I knew was that I wanted something Asian to eat. After driving aimlessly for minutes, we finally saw a complex that had several restaurants. We decided to try our luck and chose to enter a restaurant with the rather dubious name of Sweetee Thai (It seemed to me to be a rather poor play on the words sweety pie, though I'm not sure that was the real intention).

The interiors were very nice, probably the nicest among the Thai restaurants that I've tried in the are…

Lunch at Yuying's

My friend Yuying Dong, one of only two Chinese Fulbright Students sent to the US last year, has a great talent for cooking. I had been nagging her to invite me to lunch or dinner at her place since I got back to Missouri, and she finally relented. She invited me and Felicity Duncan (a Fulbright student from South Africa) to lunch yesterday. Free food is always a joy when you are a grad student, but Yuying's meals are something else.

She only had two guests, but she prepared six dishes (Now THAT's the way it's done!). She made a beef dish, a pork dish, one with chicken stomach and hearts, a fish soup, a cucumber salad, and mapo tofu without meat, which she prepared especially for me. We all sat around the table with our chopsticks and ate practically non-stop while we chatted for two hours. What seemed to be a large amount of food (definitely too much for only three people) seemed to just disappear without us being aware of it.

It's too bad that I wasn't able to take …

Back in Columbia, Missouri

It's been three weeks since my summer vacation in California ended, and I'm now back in Columbia adjusting to school life after months of being pretty much a bum. Along with the end of my break came the end of opportunities to eat out in so many great restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I think that Columbia has a measure of diversity when it comes to dining choices, considering it's in the heart of the midwest. And in relation to other towns/cities in Missouri (St. Louis and Jeff City aside), it probably has a lot more to offer. One problem of course, is that it's very far from the coast. Which means seafood is that much harder to come by.

There's a new restaurant right in front of the Mizzou Journalism School where I study, it's called Moe's Southwest Grill. It's similar to Rubio's in CA, where we had our Taco Tuesdays (boy, I miss those days). I saw that they were offering Fish Tacos, which got me really excited. I shouldn't have gotten my ho…