Karuta Restaurant

Kapow Thai Restaurant

The Rude Waitress at Seafood Kingdom Restaurant

Dinner at Gaucho's


Chinese Tea Eggs

P.S. to Moe's Grill

Sweetee Thai

Lunch at Yuying's

Back in Columbia, Missouri

The Dirty Restaurant

Aji Grill

Joy Sushi

Oishi Sushi


Pig-Out at Patio Filipino

Fried Fair Food

Bayadera (Traditional Serbian Chocolate Dessert)

Turtle Pie at Walt's Wharf

Charo's Peruvian Cuisine

Seafood Kingdom Chinese Restaurant

Captain Thai Restaurant

Bismillah Restaurant

Thai Sky

Koi Chinese and Sushi

Shabu-Shabu at Lucy's

Prawns in Garlic

Aidan's Noodles

Biscuits and Gravy at the Broadway Diner

Cucumber Salad (Sichuan)

Brigadeiro (Brazilian Sweets)

Crab and Cheese Pasta

Red Lentil Soup (Turkey)

Corn a la Nikki

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Milk Pudding (In Turkey, Kazan Dibi)

Holly's Chocolate Chip Cookie at Pizano's

Rosemary Potatoes

Walnut-Chocolate Balls

Poppy Seed Salad


Tomato and Egg

Shrimp with Peas

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Shrimp Risotto

Tofu-Century Egg Salad