Friday, December 29, 2006

Karuta Restaurant

Jerick (my brother) and Liz (my sister-in-law) both love Japanese food, so they brought me to Karuta Restaurant which offers teppanyaki. I always enjoy teppanyaki, especially if the chef has a flair for performing. Luckily for me, the chef that evening did have it. He chopped vegetables with a flourish, and lit the fire with panache.

It's fun to watch the fire because it tickles my little nephew Aidan so much. He is both fascinated by and scared of the flames at the same time, and it's amusing to see him peeking at them through his little fingers.

I greatly enjoyed the food. Teppanyaki has few ingredients, and the chef wielded them well. Since the shrimp and scallops they used were fresh, I was happy.

Karuta Restaurant
6890 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, 90621-3448

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kapow Thai Restaurant

My brother has moved from the city of Buena Park to Hawaiian Gardens, so we have been discovering the restaurants in this area. One Thai restaurant near their house is called Kapow. In my ignorance, I at first thought this to be a very strange name for a restaurant, because it's like the sound effect for the old Batman cartoons whenever the Caped Crusader punched someone. Kapow turns out to be a popular Thai dish.

Most of the members of my family are living with my brother right now for the holidays, so it's been fun trying new restaurants with them. We ordered the usual Pad Thai and Shrimp Curry, but what I liked most among the dishes we had was the Shrimp Cakes. My nephew Aidan liked them too, and he and I practically had to fight over who would get more of them. I had to give in- he is after all, only four years old.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Rude Waitress at Seafood Kingdom Restaurant

I'm back in Cali for the Christmas break, and that means it's time again to pig out in the many interesting restaurants in the area. I'm looking forward to the pig-out sessions that are very likely to take place, because almost all my family will be here for the holidays. I've already been back to Seafood Kingdom Restaurant twice, the first time for dimsum (which is only served till 3pm), the other time for dinner. Both times we tried new dishes that turned out to be just as delicious as our favorites.

Fried Noodles with Seafood

I wasn't able to take pictures of most of the dishes because we were too hungry and dug in too quickly. One thing that ruined our eating experience though was the rudeness of one waitress. We ordered additional dishes which we had forgotten to ask for during our initial order, and she said (in a very impatient voice) "Is there anything else you're going to order? Because I can't keep coming back and forth to take your orders." I was just shocked when I heard that. I've never heard anyone say that in a restaurant. The place was not even half full, so it was not because they were particularly busy. You would think they would be happy that their customers are ordering more food, but instead, she made it sound like it was such a chore to attend to diners' requests. And we were nowhere near unreasonable, we were simply ordering additional dishes.

My sister-in-law Liz who is usually pleasant and non-confrontational spoke to the managers about the incident. After all, we come to that restaurant so often, and she felt embarrassed that the restaurant she had raved about to other members of our family (it was the first time for some of them to eat at the restaurant) had servers who were so rude. We will still come back to that restaurant, though, because their food is really good. I just hope they make sure their staff members show some manners.

Seafood Kingdom Chinese Restaurant
9802 Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 636-0398