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Spice Market, Sydney

There are so many Thai restaurants in Kirribilli, which is the area where Gigi lives. Just a 5-minute walk away from her apartment is a short row of restaurants, and three of them serve Thai cuisine. This made me very happy, since I really love Thai food. Gigi first brought me to Spice Market, which is the only one she goes to on a regular basis. She ordered her favorite dishes, which were Choo Chee Fish, and Tofu Stir Fry. I couldn't help ordering a rice dish, so I had some fried rice (so much for the South Beach diet).

I particularly loved the fish, which is Nile perch. Gigi said there is some controversy regarding this fish, involving the exploitation of Africans. (I have to find out more about this and see if this will lessen my desire to eat this fish, which by the way is just yummy.) The Choo Chee sauce, which is some kind of curry, went perfectly with rice. I practically ate the whole rice dish by myself because Gigi was being a good girl and avoiding her carbs.

It was a gr…

Pasticceria Papa

On my first weekend in Sydney, Gigi brought me to Pasticceria Papa in Little Italy, which offers a lot of pastries. She was eager to let me try two of her favorite desserts, which were ricotta cheesecake, and ricotta cannoli. We got up early on Saturday morning, so we could have a calorie-laden breakfast. When we got to the restaurant, it was all I could do to stop myself from just grabbing one of each of the pastries displayed on the counter. They all looked so fattening; ergo, good.

Aside from getting a piece of the cheesecake and the cannoli, I saw that they sold florentines as well. I love florentines, and never pass up a chance to have some. I ate all three of the pastries, aside from some pizza that Gigi had for herself. I liked the cannoli best, followed by the cheesecake, then the florentines. I was slightly disappointed in the florentines because they were not sweet enough for me :) I must've consumed the calorie requirements for the whole week in that single meal (if you …

Yum Cha at Emperor's Garden in Chinatown, Sydney

I'm always up for good dim sum, because it's not that easy to find in Manila. Here in Sydney, you will find dim sum in Chinese restaurants offering "yum cha". At first, I thought that yum cha was simply another name for dim sum, but after some quick googling, I discovered that dim sum (literally "touch the heart") refers to the food itself, while yum cha (Cantonese slang for "drinking tea") refers to the custom of eating small servings of different kinds of food while drinking tea. So, as I understand it, you eat dim sum at yum cha.

Anyway, my friend Kate has a cousin based here named Cel, and she was kind enough to show me the sights by bringing me on a Sydney Explorer tour. The bus tour has 27 stops (each one at a Sydney landmark), and it's up to you when to get off. A bus passes by each stop every 20 minutes, so you can go down wherever you want and be assured of a ride to your next destination. One of the stops was Chinatown, and Cel and I …

Gigi cooks for me in Sydney, Australia

(I've decided, to heck with chronology, I'm writing in present tense for now.)

I'm currently in Sydney, Australia to visit my friend Gigi. The food in Sydney is great (more on the restaurants later), even when she and I eat at her apartment. That's because Gigi is a fabulous cook. It's a joy to eat whatever she whips up. One evening, after a chilly afternoon walking around town, she made Butternut Squash Soup, which is my absolute favorite soup in the whole world. Another great thing about Gigi is she always makes sure the food is presented well, even when she eats alone. Now that's a way to treat yourself well.

Butternut Squash Soup

Another time, we went to the seafood market to buy some supplies. She got some transatlantic salmon, which I assume, is not farmed salmon. (unless there are transatlantic fish farms? haha) Anyway, she at first wanted to bake it to make it healthier to eat. But we were already hungry so she decided to fast-forward the cooking process b…