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The Picky Pescetarian

When I meet new people in some sort of dining context, they invariably discover my dietary choice. Conversations usually run along these lines.

Person: Hey, have some steak; it's really good.
Me: No thanks, I don't eat beef.
Person: Oh! You're vegetarian.
Me: Not really, I eat seafood.
Person: So, you eat chicken.
Me: (thinking I haven't encountered any under the sea) No, just seafood.
Person: So... you're vegetarian!
Me: No, the term I usually use is pesco-vegetarian, to mean I eat fish along with
Person: Hey! We've got a vegetarian in the table!
Me: Argh.

I've used the term pesco-vegetarian to describe myself for the past twelve years or so, which is when I quit eating chicken (I'd quit eating pork and beef years earlier). So I named this blog "The Picky Pesco-Vegetarian" when I started it. Recently though, it has come to my attention that the term "pesco-vegetarian" is causing some controversy, because…