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Tampopo Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

James and I were in the mood for some Japanese food, so after going around a mall to scout for some choices, he decided to bring me to Tampopo restaurant. It was pretty crowded, considering it was not strictly lunch hour (It was around three in the afternoon already), so they told us we could only be seated immediately if were willing to stay in the counter (bar?). This was fine with us, and it also gave us a front row view of the busy chefs.

According to the menu, as well as some blogs that James read, one of the specialties of the restaurant was what they called "Maguro Head Meat", or sashimi made out of the meat of a tuna's head. We had some of that, and I was surprised to find out that the taste of the very red meat was quite bland compared to regular tuna sashimi. I guess I was expecting it to taste different, partly because it was much brighter red, and also because it came from the head, the meat of which usually tastes different from the rest of the body, at least…