Friday, March 20, 2009

Wicked Kitchen, Quezon City

Wicked Kitchen popped up several months ago a few meters away from my office. It has an interesting facade, so my friend Chi and I decided to give it a shot. It's a small place, with a few tables on the first and second floors, and a small veranda for the smokers. Since that first visit, we've been there several times, when the weather is nice and we are up for a (very) short walk.

Their menu includes the typical pasta offerings, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and entrees. There isn't a lot on the menu for a pescetarian like me, since majority of the dishes have meat in it. The last time I went there, I ordered shrimp poppers, which is on their appetizer list. I thought that the batter was a bit too thick, and at P180 for six pieces, the rather small pieces of shrimp end up costing P30 each, a bit costly for the merchandise in my opinion.

Shrimp Poppers

I've also tried their broccoli soup, which I like because it is very creamy. I also like that it's priced just a little below P100. In terms of value for money, this is what I would recommend from their menu.

Broccoli Soup

The dish I usually have when I go there is their fish and chips. It's priced like the shrimp poppers at P180, and I think the fish is better value for money. The batter is also thick, but the slice of fish is a little more substantial than the shrimp, and you get chunky fries on the side too. I like the garlic aioli that comes with it (ditto with the shrimp).

Fish and Chips

One time, Chi and I shared their giant chocolate chip cookie with ice cream which they called "Gluttony", and the name is truly apt. It's huge, and you have to be prepared to consume your calorie requirement for the day in one go when you order it. We were only able to finish it after Javi, Chi's husband met up with us in the restaurant and we made him polish it off (with minimal prodding).

Gluttony- Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream

Wicked Kitchen has happy hour promos which looked good from the fliers, offering good deals on buckets of beer and appetizers. I have yet to try it out though, and maybe I will when I get particularly stressed out at work.

Wicked Kitchen
Mother Ignacia St.
Quezon City, Philippines

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye, Jollibee Ice Craze Mais con Hielo

For the past three weeks, I've been treating myself to a cheap (and fattening) thrill. For only P39, I've been made very happy by Jollibee Ice Craze Mais Con Hielo. The cornflakes on top and the coco milk give it a flavor distinct from the homemade variety. I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I've been having it EVERY single day. Everyday until two days ago, that is.

The day before yesterday, I drove through my usual haunt, but the attendant on duty told me that they were out of stock. Out of stock? I thought to myself, rather petulantly. How can they run out of corn? Or ice, for that matter? These ingredients are easily available from any grocery. If I sound obsessive, that's because I was used to having this treat every day, and I didn't want to go through withdrawal.

Anyway, I went to the same drive through yesterday, and they gave me the same answer. "Out of stock." I refused to give up, so I went to another branch. Again, they didn't have any Mais con Hielo for me. The food attendant then told me that they were phasing out Ice Craze, and that they are launching a new dessert on March 18th.

This was depressing news. I don't know where else I can get the same amount of happiness and pleasure for the paltry amount of P39.