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Nasi Goreng at Cafe Jeepney, Hotel Intercon, Makati

It's that time of year when bazaars are sprouting up right and left, enticing Christmas-crazy consumers to make purchases to wrap and temporarily put under their own Christmas trees while waiting to give them out on the big day. I recently went to one held at Hotel Intercontinental where a friend of mine had a booth selling jewelry. Along with a couple of friends, we wanted to show our support, so we were off to brave the bazaar crowds.

After going around and buying random things I didn't really need and consuming calories I couldn't really afford to be taking in, we decided to indulge in even more at Cafe Jeepney. I hadn't eaten at this place in a long time. I have happy childhood memories of this place, eating breakfast with my family when it was still more famously known as the Jeepney Coffeeshop, and when your tables were inside actual jeepneys.

I chose to have their Nasi Goreng. which according to the menu included fried rice, egg, shrimp crackers, satay chicken, an…

Chelsea Market and Cafe

I found myself at Bonifacio High Street during yet another hot and lazy Sunday, after my friend Z invited me to spend the afternoon browsing the shelves at Fully Booked. After several hours of reading and skimming through dozens of books, we worked up a pretty good appetite which we decided to indulge at Chelsea Market and Cafe.

The place was quite packed, and initially we were seated at a small table where we were practically (and literally) rubbing elbows with the diners at the next table. Thankfully some people left and we got to move to a table that would properly accommodate the amount of food we were planning to order.

I've long intended to eat at Chelsea, and when I finally got the chance to do so, I think I went crazy looking at their menu and wanting to have so many things on it. I first tried to order their Grilled US Halibut Gratinee, which sounded really good on the menu. Unfortunately, it was unavailable. Instead, I ordered the Oven-Roasted Seafood and Tomato Cream Pes…