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Good Ol' Old Spaghetti House

I first ate in Old Spaghetti House with my climbing partner Angel several years ago. She said I simply had to try their giant chocolate chip cookie, which I of course did. Since then I would eat there once in a while, when I felt like loading up on carbs.

Gourmet Tuyo Spaghetti

I recently discovered their branch at the Ayala Technohub in Quezon City, with my friends Isabel and Zara, during an all-day girl-bonding session. I had their Fish Fillet Provencal with Garlic Fettuccine, which the restaurant touted as part of their sports menu. I liked it but preferred the gourmet tuyo spaghetti that Isabel had.

Again, I had their chocolate chip cookie, which satisfied, as always. Old Spaghetti House is such an old reliable. Comfort food at its best. If the pasta won't do it for you, the cookie surely will.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

104 Retail Center
UP Ayala TechnoHUB
Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: 487.TOSH, 508.6979

Goodbye Meal at Starbucks, Changi Airport, Singapore

Our flight back to the Philippines was very early in the morning, so Gigi and I set off for Changi airport barely awake. We weren’t even able to say goodbye to our gracious host James, because he was still asleep and couldn’t be awakened via phone (He was sleeping in another room and we didn’t want to wake his roommate).

Cheese and Tomato Bagel

After checking in, we still had some time to kill before our flight so we decided to have breakfast in Starbucks. Or at least, I did. Gigi just had some water. I like eating in different branches of this coffee chain, because the food they offer varies from outlet to outlet. Sometimes they have surprisingly interesting food, and in Changi, this proved to be true.

I had their cheese and tomato bagel with my coffee. What I really liked about this simple sandwich is that it had arugula, which is hard to find and quite expensive in the Philippines. I enjoyed eating the sandwich with the chips that came with it. (To heck with calories- my holiday was …

Food #03 Vegetarian Restaurant, Singapore

I love places like Food #03, a vegetarian restaurant in the Little India area in Singapore. James brought Gigi and I there so we could taste his favorite Tempeh burger. I've seen similar places in other cities, where, along with vegetarian fare, they also have cause-oriented posters on the walls (or in this case, on their door.)

Their menu pretty much spelled out their beliefs. It said the restaurant saved electricity and water, which meant there was no airconditioning, and water was only provided upon request. It also said they didn't use microwave ovens, which are considered evil. And of course, they re-use and recycle.

I ordered their Dugu burger, which had oyster mushrooms on top of their Tempeh burger. I liked it, but maybe only because I'm used to eating vegetarian dishes, and often encounter this kind of taste. Gigi wasn't a big fan though.

Dugu Burger

As I said, I do like places like this restaurant, where the people are still idealistic, hoping and believing that…

A break from bingeing at TWG Tea Boutique

After a particularly calorie-laden lunch, Gigi, James and I decided to walk around the mall to burn off some of it, then have some tea to try to digest it better. We went to TWG Tea Salon and Boutique, which proclaims itself as having the finest teas in the world.

The servers were very helpful when it came to recommending teas. They asked us what our preferences were, and they had recommendations with accompanying explanations as to why a particular tea would suit a person's taste. I had some black tea from Ceylon, which I was very happy with. James had some caffeine-free black tea so as not to disrupt his sleep cycle.

Sipping tea at TWG Tea Boutique was a refreshing break from all the eating we had been doing. Not surprisingly, though, after spending some time sitting there, we were soon ready for yet another meal.

TWG Tea Boutique
Takashimaya Department Store
391 Orchard Road, Basement 2
Singapore 238873

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
ION Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn, #02 - 21
Singapore 2…

Cafe Iguana, Singapore

On our first night in Singapore, James brought Gigi and I to a place by the river to have a few drinks. We chose Cafe Iguana because of its ambience and the interesting-sounding items on the menu.

Although we were planning on having a few drinks, we ended up eating a lot of things instead, with just a token margarita. I ordered the portobello fajitas, mainly because it's very hard to find anything with portobello mushrooms in Manila, so I try to have some when I can get it.

Portobello Fajitas

James had the red snapper enchiladas, although I ate half of that. Gigi was a good girl and didn't order anything for herself. As a result, I ate most of the calories consumed during that evening.

Red Snapper Enchiladas

What I liked most though, were the nachos. They were crispy and very tasty. Also, the nachos were not the store-bought tortilla chips that restaurants in Manila often serve you when you order this dish.


Thus ended day one of our visit to James. One drink, and a whole lot o…

Food hunt in Singapore- Famous 49 Katong Laksa

I recently went on a short holiday with my Sydney-based friend Gigi to visit our Singapore-based friend James. Since Gigi is my eating partner, I expected this trip to be basically a series of (big) meals, and, really, this outlook was right on the money. I was excited to sample a lot of different dishes, since their cuisine is a rich mixture of Chinese, Malay, and Indian food.

I do believe we started eating almost as soon as we stepped off the plane in Changi airport. Though that might be a slight exaggeration; we actually started to eat as soon as we met up with James at his apartment.

James was insistent that we try three of his favorite Singaporean dishes during our visit. One of these was seafood laksa, which I also enjoy. He brought us to an unassuming place, called Famous 49 Katong Laksa, which according to James and the newspaper clippings on the wall, was the place where seafood laksa was actually first served. Luckily, this place served all three of the dishes he wanted us to …